Pablo Lozano

I am PhD researcher @ Universidad Carlos III de Madrid where I work on Complex Systems applied to Social Sciences, specially on cooperation and conflicts in hierarchical societies.
My advisors are Angel Sánchez and Alberto Antonioni.

I work using modelling techniques (agent-based modelling, mainly) and using experimental approaches too. I use tools from evolutionary game theory, machine learning, and behavioral economics.
I did my master's in Applied Mathematics and my bachelor's in Industrial Engineering (specialization: Industrial Electronics and Robotics), both at UC3M.

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I'm interested in complex systems, reinforcement learning, evolutionary game theory, and behavioral economics. Much of my research is about inferring behavior from human groups and understand how societies work. All the articles are open access.

Talks, seminars, etc.

These are the places I've been to, talked in or plan to go! If you think I could give a talk, feel free to invite me. Also, you can grab the slides (if any) and reuse them with attribution!

SFI Complexity Interactive
Summer school, at Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico (USA).
June-July 2021

Hierarchies and cooperation: an experiment
Talk, at FisEs Joven 2021 Conference.
May 2021

Cooperation, social norm internalization, and hierarchical societies
Talk, at 8th Computational Social Science (CSS) Satellite event at the Conference on Complex Systems (CCS).
December 2020

Hierarchies can arise spontaneously in egalitarian societies
Poster, at 5th International Conference in Computational Social Science (IC2S2).
July 2019

Complexity 72 hours
Part of Ennio Bilancini’s group researching on social physics. Derived from the three-day research event, there’s a pre-print in arXiv.
June 2019

SEEHB meeting
Talk at the second edition of the Southern Eastern Evolutionary and Human Behavior meeting at Georgia State University, Georgia (Atlanta).
April 2019

European Night of the Researchers
Communication poster: "Genre and technology: EU projects about Big Data."
November 2018


Technical skills

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